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2020 Global Luxury Real Estate Market Insights

Welcome to The Report: 2020 Global Luxury Market Insights, a full year of luxury real estate in review.  This report’s goal is to bring you a definite guide for buying and selling high-end property through trends, analysis and expert insights.

The year 2019 was transitional for the high-end property market, as both geopolitical uncertainty and global economic slowdown fears eventually gave way to cautious optimism  Traditional hotspots plateaued, others maintained their edge and surprising luxury real estate growth emerged in mid-size markets such as Boise, Idaho.  The report shines a light on the 5 significant trends of 2019, from the rise of health  wellness and new demographic groups making an impact on the purchasing power to understanding why the significance of new taxes and the migration of wealth are intertwined in their impact of affluent decision making.

The report is not just about where the affluent are moving, but who is buying, what they are investing in and why.  New definitions for luxury are emerging, creating great diversity within the marketplace, as well as opportunities for high net worth clients.  Understanding buyers and sellers is critical for anyone considering a high-end clients.  understanding buyers and sellers is critical for anyone considering a high-end property sale or purchase, whether abroad or in the U.S., so Coldwell Banker Luxury Property Luxury Property Specialists were invited to share their insights into the local pulse on changing demographics and the requirement of buyers.  Their on-the-ground feedback and local market expertise is included within the pages of this Report, as well.

As your luxury real estate professional, it is my responsibility to share with you the comprehensive knowledge provided in this powerful and all-encompassing report.  As always, I look forward to helping you in all of your real estate matters.  PLEASE CLICK ON THIS SECURE LINK TO VIEW “THE REPORT”:





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