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The Atlanta Real Estate Market for First Time Home Buyers

First-time Atlanta homebuyers face bidding wars from wealthy out-of-towners by Timothy Inklebarger  January 26, 2021 Out-of-towners are moving to Atlanta and bringing their money with them, according to a Redfin study shows, which shows new residents have a maximum average budget that is 33.4% higher than that of local homebuyers. The budget difference between locals and migrants is the […]

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“Sheltering In Place” Emphasizes The Importance of Home and Lifestyle More Than Ever

The Covid-19 crisis has been trying for all of us and for many homeowners are now starting to re-think what’s important in terms of size, layout, rooms, outdoor space and location (always!).  Dense cities like New York, Chicago, Miami are packed with high rise buildings.  Some initial surveys indicate that many of these high rise […]

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10 Reasons Why Living In Atlanta Is Awesome

In recent years, Atlanta’s popularity has surged as young professionals flock to the city to make the most of one of America’s fastest-growing job markets. The city’s southern charm, abundance of entertainment options, livable structure and welcoming community add to its appeal. But, the allure of Georgia’s capital city doesn’t end there. Check out these […]

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